Peace and Purpose

This exercise, pronounced "Keh O la", is a gender-neutral Hawaiian name that means "the life, the health, the well-being". Jesus is the One who gives and is each of these, so Keola® boldly and shamelessly proclaims Him and the Gospel. May you meet Him here and be transformed inside and out.   

"I am the way, the truth, and the life."

~Jesus (John 14:6 KJV)



Get a physical, emotional, and spiritual kickstart with 21 Days to Trim the Fat in Body and Soul​​​.

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Know God. Believe the Word. Get good things, right? The reality is that the Gospel is costly. Scripture reveals the ups and downs all God's people face while following Him and waiting on a promise. Etched in the pages, we see people God loves wrestle with both emotional and physical distress. You are not alone. Did He say? What if? Why? These are all big questions. This program may not provide all the answers you are looking for or change your circumstances, but it is designed to help strengthen your body, encourage your heart, bring focus and perspective to your mind, settle you in God's love, and breathe fire on your soul. May God use it to give you the energy and life you need, both physically and spiritually, to stay the course that He has laid before you in Jesus.  ​

"What an amazing word much needed for today and everyday - also a great workout."  ~Debbie

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Quarantine Wellness for Mind, Body, Spirit

More Ways to Start Keola® Christian Fitness

and Yoga Alternative

Keola® provides a service, but the Gospel is free. I speak for the whole Church, not just the Keola® community, when I say that we want you to have it for free. An encouraging FB post with truth. An awesome fat-burning, HIIT workout that includes a message to encourage you to press forward when facing obstacles. There are many more workouts on YouTube for all fitness levels with differing styles of activity that are all free. If you are looking for something gentler, check out this mat-based workout for beginners with advanced options or Alli's Front Porch Wellness series on FB Live created for quarantine. She brings stretching for stress and tension relief, as well as wellness tips that go deeper with a look at Scripture. Find more free content to encourage you and assist in your health goals right now on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram or click the photos below. #keolafitfam #theGospelinmovement #keolarecipeshare 

Workout Program and Bible Study Keola Fit

"Just found you two weeks ago and I am so thankful! Always wrestled with Yoga and appreciate the alternative. You speak Life and you have helped out this weary soul-Thank you!"  ~Shelby

"I turned to yoga for the first time when the COVID-19 quarantine interrupted my gym regimen, but felt very uncomfortable about it. After some research, I found your program and videos and they have been an incredible encouragement to start each day when I can't leave the house. I'm thinking I'll give up my gym membership after this and keep with Keola! Thanks for all your hard work around producing these videos both in the exercise aspect and biblical encouragement."  ~Abbey

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​Consider this your Bridal bootcamp. Keola® Christian Fitness and Yoga Alternative isn't just about getting you in shape physically, although we do a great job at that with scientifically backed movement techniques. It's about helping you fit into that perfect wedding dress that is already purchased. Already yours, white as snow. Why? Because your purpose in Christ MATTERS. In the here and now. We want you to be bold, beautiful.... a sparkling Bride that shines for her Husband. That takes training, because life can be hard and have many distractions.

Keola® pushes you through the hard. Giving you hard workouts, hard truth and challenging you to walk the hard, thin line that Jesus is calling you to. We also offer you the gentle: Recovery movement, breathing, and time with God bathed in the peace of Christ that powerfully penetrates and softens the hard moments. We want you to know God in all His ways through all circumstances. We foster that space of trust with truth, encouragement, intentional choice and active relationship.

Start now - workout anywhere, anytime through free online workout videos. Looking for something structured? 21 Days to Trim the Fat ecourse is a best place to dive in. It includes a powerful workout program and an encouraging Bible study that tie together to crush confusion, fear, and discouragement by helping settle you in God's Word and fatherly love. Learn more about it, as well as the Quarantined Front Porch Wellness social media series, below.

Here's some of what you'll get:

  • Three 30 minute fat-burning, metabolism boosting workouts/week
  • One 30 minute restorative, strength building workout/week
  • One 30 minute Bible study video/week
  • Bible study video guides and follow up questions
  • Encouragement and daily prompts

Here's what people are saying about the course:

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