Actively growing in the fruit of the Spirit


Knoxville, TN

Kristi Stephens
Public and Private Keola®


Group Classes:

Tues Evening 6:30-7:30pm @
Central Baptist Bearden
6300 Deane Hill Drive SW, Room 225 


Liz Gerow

Private Keola®


Ponca City, OK


Jen Brevitz

NETA certified instructor

Private/Events: 763.389.9402

Group Specialty Classes for TWEEN GIRLS @


Ponca City, Oklahoma 

Wednesdays and Fridays (begins March 10th)

@ 4:30-5:15pm

This program is in partnership with the Kay County Master Gardener Association. This specialty program is designed to affirm tween girls and provide opportunity to strengthen faith, family, and friendship connections through at home study and garden projects that serve the local community. Annual mother-daughter and father-daughter events are also incorporated.

6-12 year olds learning basic gardening and working through modesty, patience, and generosity.

Become an Instructor

New Home Training Program

Trimester I Training: Foundation

Start training to teach Keola® now! Upon completion of this self study course, you will be trained in all the tools you need to teach Keola®, Keola® Kore, and Keola® Kardio.  

Covers 35+ positions in detail with cuing, creating a balanced and effective sequence, incorporating the Gospel, the business aspects of teaching, and more.

 e-textbook is available on amazon

Live Workout Schedules for Keola Christian Fitness


*Please note:  Instructors on this workout schedule list are not employed or supervised by Alli Becker. They are individual Keola Christian Fitness Christian alternative to yoga instructors that are authorized to lead others in Keola® classes. Alli Becker is not liable for any injuries or disputes incurred through participation in their services. For great fat burning workouts, ask for a Keola® Kardio class or join Alli on FB Live (see details below).

Live w/ Alli Becker

  • Alli will be coming to you live on FB randomly during the summer for 5 minute videos that will ignite your day for life with a few simple movements, Scripture, and prayer. She will also be recording 20-35 minute videos for YouTube uploads in different locations across the US and Canada. Subscribe to take part in those picturesque workouts. Try a 35 minute Keola® Kardio live class recording in the video below. FB follow to join in.  
  • If you would like to have Alli come to your church or facility, please email to make a request.