Meditations on Grace

A Six Month Devotional by Alli Becker

In a busy and chaotic world, it can be difficult to find peace and focus. Jesus promises a peace the world cannot give. It is a peace that penetrates even the most tumultuous situations, yet many Christians are not experiencing it regularly.  "Meditations on Grace" is soul food that helps you to truly digest Grace and Truth, so that you are transformed from the inside out.  Experience the power of the Gospel and live your life authentically in the hope, joy, and victory given to you freely through Jesus.

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Keola Christian Fitness and Yoga Alternative:

Spiritual and Physical Fitness on the Go

30 Min Restorative Full Body - "Destiny"

A MUST TRY full body strengthener with a wonderful message about your POWERFUL destiny in Christ. This Christian alternative to yoga workout video focuses physically on building balance and muscle strength through redeemed "yoga" and pilates positions. A great am workout to energize you for the day or pm to reset, refresh, and be ready for a restorative, good night's sleep. You will be stretched and challenged physically and spiritually through this unique Christian exercise. 
30 min. Low impact. Equipment: Mat. All fitness levels.

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Home Workout Guide

28 Day Calendar Organizing YouTube Workouts

Working out from home can save you time and money, but it can seem overwhelming... So many choices! Sometimes you just need a little guidance and motivation. This 28 day Keola® home workout schedule is a PDF calendar organizing 5 workouts per week to take the guess work out of sequencing and maximize body benefits. Follow along with the program by just clicking on the link to that day's workout. There are also some interesting facts to help you understand the why behind some of the movement, as well as simple tips to burn more calories throughout your day. Are you ready to get strong in body and even stronger in faith? Now is the perfect time to get moving! 

Equipment: Mat (required) and dumbbells (optional, but encouraged)
3-5 lb for beginners

Keola® Training Manual

Whether you are currently teaching physical fitness or just a lover of Jesus who feels led, you qualify for preaching His Gospel through Keola® Christian fitness and yoga alternative. This manual with help to equip you with what you need to begin leading this exercise:

Includes in depth instruction on over 35 positions, sequencing, modifying and correcting, adding in the Gospel, breathing, biblical meditation, and free online supplemental video instruction w/ more positions.

It is such a fun and rewarding way to walk out the Great Commission of Mark 16:15. You will have the opportunity to help people get physically fit and make better choices daily, strengthening both their minds and bodies, but your primary position will be to help people to grow in Christ actively. Join this Gospel movement!

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Books written by Alli Becker, Keola® Creator

Requested by Keola family in missionary work with little internet access, you can download these workouts to do anywhere, anytime.

Keola Christian Fitness Workout - "Destiny"
Keola Christian Fitness and Yoga Alternative Training Manual

Fasting for the King

Prayer for the Journey

The bible tells us “when you pray” (Matthew 6:5) and “when you fast” (Matthew 6:16). Both of these Scriptures are words directly from Jesus. Jesus, Himself, fasted for 40 days and 40 nights before beginning His ministry. He resisted the temptation of the devil in the desert while doing so and ministered in the power of the Spirit afterward. A fast is an action of humility, a voluntary limitation on your freedom. This Scripture and prayer guide is meant to accompany any 10 day fast or physical cleanse to help you to grow in the Spirit and grace.

21 Days to Trim the Fat in Body and Soul

This amazing e-course was created for those of you who are dedicated and looking for change. Get a physical, emotional, and spiritual boost in just 21 days. Learn more.

30 Min Restorative Core Strengthening

This video focuses physically on counteracting inactivity and time spent hunched over a computer by opening the chest, strengthening the upper back, firming the core, dynamically stretching through redeemed "yoga" and pilates positions and toning the whole body while leaving you restful, yet refreshed and encouraged in Christ. A great am workout to set your posture for the day or pm to reset and be ready for a good night's sleep. Every movement declares your identity in Jesus and you will be blessed with time with God. 
30 min. Low impact. Equipment: Mat. All fitness levels.

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Actively growing in the fruit of the Spirit