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After my son died, we spent two summers in our RV driving across Canada in both directions. We went to so many peaceful areas that were new to us, untainted by people, and full of God's handiwork and Presence... safe places to process, grieve, and begin healing.

One caveat of that wonderful opportunity was a lack of WIFI. We had service in another country, but most of the remote, nature centered places didn't have the conveniences of our digital world. That was both a blessing and a difficulty at times. For me, the major lifestyle disruption was not having access to video workouts.

I want to remedy that for those of you hitting the open road, following our Father to a distant, third world mission field, or taking a break from connection to the digital world. You may have flights, long periods in a vehicle, or other obstacles to regular movement, but you can still support your body and prioritize your soul. This resource was created in loving memory of my son and for your benefit. God is worth your intentionality and so are you!

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Guided Workout Programs & Bible Studies | Mind-Body+ and Christian Yoga Alternative


If you are looking for something more structured, the daily courses might be a better fit for you. These are Bible study workout blends that offer daily video encouragement and guidance to keep you on track. These are a great choice for those of you who need a little push with self-discipline or who are looking for a detailed Bible study and/or hope to meet a specific wellness goal. Click on any to learn more.

Downloadable Keola Christian Yoga Alternative Workouts

Peace and Purpose

This exercise, pronounced "Keh O la", is a transgender Hawaiian name that means "the life, the health, the well-being". Jesus is the One who gives and is each of these, so Keola® boldly and shamelessly proclaims Him and the Gospel. May you meet Him here and be transformed inside and out.   

"I am the way, the truth, and the life."

~Jesus (John 14:6 KJV)


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