​Keola® provides a service, but the Gospel is free. I speak for the whole Church, not just the Keola® community, when I say that we want you to have it for free.

Below is an awesome fat-burning, HIIT workout that includes a message to encourage you to press forward when facing obstacles and a gentle restorative stretching workout for all ages and fitness levels. The channel provides these vastly different styles of activity and everything in between that are all free.

Figuring out where to dive in can be overwhelming, so I would love to offer you this FREE 28 Day Home Workout Guide. It organizes the YouTube content and gives you opportunity to try a little bit of everything.

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"What an amazing word much needed for today and everyday - also a great workout."  ~Debbie

"I turned to yoga for the first time when the COVID-19 quarantine interrupted my gym regimen, but felt very uncomfortable about it. After some research, I found your program and videos and they have been an incredible encouragement to start each day when I can't leave the house. I'm thinking I'll give up my gym membership after this and keep with Keola! Thanks for all your hard work around producing these videos both in the exercise aspect and biblical encouragement."  ~Abbey

Free Home Workout Guide

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