Actively growing in the fruit of the Spirit


Many testimonies of blessing from this course!

A Home Workout Program and Bible Study in One

  • Three 30 minute fat-burning, metabolism boosting workouts/week
  • One 30 minute restorative, strength building workout/week
  • One 30 minute Bible study video/week
  • Bible study video guides and follow up questions
  • Encouragement and daily prompts
  • 21 Days. ~ 30 minutes per day. Beginner to advanced.
  • Get strong in body, mind/emotions, the Word, Spirit, and faith!


This daily program is a rockstar for your physical wellness, while weaving in a life & faith impacting revelation of the Word. It is the first Keola® workout program with Bible study... a student & teacher favorite!

An absolute MUST buy for anyone warring over a promise from God & wondering in the wait. It's time for you to align, shine, and wait well!

21 days. 30 min/day. All fitness levels.