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A Home Workout Program and Bible Study in One

  • Three 30 minute fat-burning, metabolism boosting workouts/week
  • One 30 minute restorative, strength building workout/week
  • One 30 minute Bible study video/week
  • Bible study video guides and follow up questions
  • Encouragement and daily prompts
  • 21 Days. ~ 30 minutes per day. Beginner to advanced.

Know God. Believe the Word. Get good things, right? The reality is that the Gospel is costly. Scripture reveals the ups and downs all God's people face while following Him and waiting on a promise. Etched in the pages, we see people He loves wrestle with both emotional and physical distress. You are not alone. Did He say? What if? Why? These are all big questions. Your perception of the answer can result in guilt, shame, and weight - physically and spiritually, or ignite hope, faith, good choices and strength in body and soul.

This home workout and Bible study program is designed to help strengthen your body, encourage your heart, bring focus and perspective to your mind, settle you in God's love, and breathe fire on your soul. May God use it to give you the energy and life you need, both physically and spiritually, to stay the course that He has laid before you in Jesus. You are made for more and it is time to wait well 



It's Time to Get Strong in Body. Stronger in Faith: 21 Days to Trim the Fat in Body and Soul​​​

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