Get Them All!​​

28 Days to Get Bold & Strong


If you are wanting to form new workout or Bible reading habits, this program is a great choice for you! We take both in small pieces, so you can fit them into your day without excuses. Studies show it takes 21 days to form a habit, so you'll get an extra week just to make it stick.

​A great Bible study and/or workout stepping stone with a message every Christian needs.

15 min or less per day with one 30 min workout each week.

Low impact & intensity, mat-based movement. All fitness levels.​​


This Keola® Fit & Fiery Club is a vision that has just become reality! Stream all of these workout programs with Bible studies, plus every other non-instructor based course in the Keola Fit, LLC online studio/school. You will also have access to exclusive workouts and content, as well as all the new programs as they come out.

Over $200 worth of content and more coming every month!

Fasting, Prayer, and Gentle Movement


This program is super gentle. It is great for anyone who is new to fasting, looking for some fresh perspective as you fast and pray, or needing a little boost to be obedient and just do it!

​This fasting course is now bundled with a gentle stretching course that was created to pair with the Scripture and reflection of the day. Excellent choice for someone looking for a refreshing reset for body and soul.

15 min stretching and Fasting for the King intro video with downloadable resource each day.

All fitness levels.​​

A Home Workout Program and Bible Study in One

  • Three 30 minute fat-burning, metabolism boosting workouts/week (7 Total)
  • One 30 minute restorative, strength building workout/week (3 Total)
  • One 30 minute Bible study video/week (3 Total)
  • Bible study video guides and follow up questions
  • Encouragement and daily prompts
  • 21 Days. ~ 30 minutes per day. Beginner to advanced.
  • Get strong in body, mind/emotions, the Word, Spirit, and faith!


This daily program is a rockstar for your physical wellness, while weaving in a life & faith impacting revelation of the Word. It is the first Keola® workout program with Bible study... a student & teacher favorite!

An absolute MUST buy for anyone warring over a promise from God & wondering in the wait. It's time for you to align, shine, and wait well!

21 days. 30 min/day. All fitness levels.

Many testimonies of blessing from this course!

A Home Workout Program and Bible Study in One

  • Short reading & 15 minute study of that Word twice a week
  • Two 5 min mat-based Keola® movement sessions digesting each study (4 each week)
  • A 30 min mat-based Keola® workout blending all the week's movement and studies into one workout each week (4 total, plus a post-program bonus!)
  • Total Time: 4 weeks | Main Scripture: 1 Samuel 17

    A fresh look at David and Goliath

    In that time frame, we are going to do much... slaughtering some intense giants. Check out the video for more!
Actively growing in the fruit of the Spirit