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Alli Becker holds the Keola® trademarks and intellectual property rights. She is allowing anyone who purchases and completes in full the online self-study video course to offer Keola® classes in their business or as ministry provided they register online as an existing instructor paying that annual registration fee (2021 pricing: $120/year - includes membership to the instructor FB group), and agree to the following terms of use:

Terms and Conditions For Using the Keola® Trademark & Intellectual Property in Your Fitness Ministry or Business
1. Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior. You believe He is the Son of God who came to the earth to die for your sins (fully God and fully man) and was resurrected to life. You believe in One God, the God of the Bible. You believe the Bible is the Word of God.

2. You have purchased the online Keola® training course and have fully completed it.

3. You agree to label the classes where you use any of the intellectual property associated with Keola® "Keola®" and teach the eight elements of Keola® in all of those class offerings.

4. You agree to register annually to notify Alli Becker of your current instruction and usage of the Keola® trademark and intellectual property, providing current contact information and paying the associated annual fee.

5. You agree to place links to or in a clearly visible location on all electronic media, including websites, blogs, social media, YouTube or other video channels, and emails, that promote or display any portion of your Keola® classes and/or instructional services.

6. You agree to add to all paper/print advertisements that promote or display your Keola® classes and/or instructional services including class flyers, church announcements, and business cards.

7. You agree to vocally credit/reference Keola Fit or in any spoken advertisements, high profile classes, retreats, or special events that involve Keola®.

8. This usage enables you to teach Keola® to a live audience online or in person. You may charge a fee for your instruction services, but you may NOT sell products associated with the Keola® trademarks and copyrights without express written agreement from Alli Becker, including but not limited to videos/pre-recorded workouts, clothing, and workout gear. Please refer students to this website for those products. 

9. You have read, understand, and agree to the note below*. You hereby release and discharge Alli Becker, Keola Fit,, and it's officers, owners, and affiliates from any and all claims or causes of action (known or unknown) resulting from your Keola® training, participation, and/or teaching.

10. If any provision of these Terms is found to be invalid by any court having competent jurisdiction, the invalidity of such provision shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of these Terms, which shall remain in full force and effect.

*Please Note: Completing this online self study program, does not qualify you for endorsement by Alli Becker, Keola Fit, and/or You are not an employee or contracted employee of Alli Becker and/or Keola Fit. Promoting your classes online is your responsibility. You are encouraged to start your own blog or page for your business/ministry, as well as tag @keolafit on social media to share what you are doing. All training and teaching is at your own risk. Alli Becker, Keola Fit,, and its officers, owners, and affiliates are not responsible for any accidents, injuries, or loss to you or anyone you teach as a result of this training manual, course, or videos. All exercise is performed at your own risk. Please consult a physician before beginning this or any exercise program. Stop the exercise immediately if you feel pain or problems. This notice is subject to change at any time. Your continued participation in Keola® signifies your continued agreement. Any changes will be posted on this website. Please revisit often to view any new notices. (last updated 12/21/20) 

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What We Will Cover In This Amazing NEW Online Course:

  1. Identity in Christ
  2. Behavioral Change from a Spirit-driven Perspective
  3. Anatomy & Physiology of 37 Positions
  4. Cuing
  5. Modifications & Challenges To Meet Different Fitness Levels & Goals
  6. Common Misalignments & How to Correct
  7. Breathing
  8. Biblical Meditation
  9. Virtual Training Helps & So Much More!

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