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This Studio Shop offers physical products to help with your wellness journey and show your love and support of Keola®. Please visit Online Courses, if you are looking for Keola® classes and movement resources.

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​These products are some of my favorites for health and beauty. I get a commission on most (including the Amazon links as an Amazon Associate), but I would (for many have) share them without it. Your purchase through these links is genuinely appreciated and doesn't cost you anything extra. It is a simple way to show your support and help keep Keola® growing and going! 

Deep Blue ​Rub | Muscle Relief for Workouts & Recovery 

This is a great tool to put on before a mat-based Keola® workout or after a Keola® HIIT. This product is why I signed up to share doTERRA after using some items for years. It smells wonderful, works immediately, rubs into my skin, and even helps open my sinuses. I love it!

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If you love this product, I recommend signing up for a wholesale account. Like other wholesale club stores, there is an annual membership fee to buy what you want when you want it at the discounted price. Email at [email protected] for questions.

Lacrosse Balls | Excellent, Inexpensive Tool for Muscle & Fascial Tissue Release

This inexpensive tool is used in some of the YouTube videos, as well as in the 10 Day Keola Detox Stretching Course. Really wonderful and simple tool!

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Strap | Assists with Stretches 

Straps help you with form while you are working on flexibility. A cloth belt with a ring found on children's pants is a great alternative that I frequently use.

This one is longer and has loop holes for a greater range of use and includes a listing of stretches and how-to uses. Bonus!

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Soothing Instrumental for a Workout | Meditations on the Psalms of King David

Yes, I'm old school and still have CDs. Ha! Don't worry, it's available in other formats.

I like to use relaxing music without lyrics for Keola®. It used to be really hard to find something so well done and specifically created as worship. These beautiful piano solos, created by a local brother in Christ who was pressing into God in a difficult season, really carry God's peace and Presence (see Psalm 22:3). Often it is in those hard moments of life that we catch the heart and sound of Heaven, if we hold onto the Lord with everything we have.

Click the photo to purchase from Amazon. Click here to hear it in a workout. Check Patrick out on your go to music app, too.

God Breathes Journal | Soft Cover

Yep, He is the God of resurrection! Let this journal be filled with the treasures He is speaking to you, praises for what He's done for you, and things He is leading you to. He is a faithful God who deserves all of our affection and life.

This journal (design also available in hard coversmoothie cups, coffee mugs, and clothing) has perforated lined pages that can easily be removed.

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Vegan & GF Protein Powder | For My Favorite Creamy, Vegan Hot Chocolate

Packed with prebiotics, fiber, protein, greens, and a superfood blend of essential nutrients, this makes a good pre/post workout shake or helpful nutrition on the go. I like to make a creamy, vegan hot chocolate (using the Chocolate flavor) for a treat that includes heart healthy cashews for an added boost in protein, good fats, and minerals. I've tried many vegan, whole food powders and didn't like the taste or texture. This one is a winner for me and my daughter loves it, too!

non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan

Click the photo for details & purchasing. BONUS: Get my hot chocolate recipe and an e-cookbook with more ways to use this delicious whole food support to your nutrition when you buy.

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Immune Boosting, Digestive Support, Inflammation & Muscle Relief | Travel Takes

Helpful and Easy To Pack

Excessive sitting, restaurant fare, potential time zone shifts... God created you adaptable. Vacations are good for your soul. He is Protector and Healer. These are just a few things that are easy to pack and support your body naturally as you enjoy time away with loved ones. Yay, God!

The Deep Blue RubLacrosse ball (not pictured), and Copaiba oil are my favorites for keeping my muscles loose. Copaiba oil acts like CBD oil (better physiological response, actually), but unlike CBD oil has NO psychoactive trigger or possibilities. Copaiba resin (what the oil is derived from) has been used for centuries. I like to put a few drops of organic copaiba oil onto the Deep Blue Rub or place 2-3 drops each of Deep Blue oil and copaiba oil into my hand with some grapeseed oil to massage onto sore muscles. There was a study in 2018 that showed significant results from using this combo in arthritis patients and I have found it to be helpful in relieving pain in my tightest areas.

DoTerra Fiber is a natural source of fiber and prebiotics. It contains soluble fiber, which I've found to be better on my gut than products with higher levels of insoluble. I love that it doesn't have any weird dyes or other unpronounceable products. The flavor is also great! Additional fiber like this can be an excellent help to your gut health. This non-chemical option can be taken daily to help support intestinal balance and normalcy to your bathroom schedule.

Juice Plus capsules are my go-to when I will be consistently eating out. This product is well researched as equivalent to eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetables. I use the gummies at home for more of a healthy dessert option since I already eat well, but I like the sugar-free capsules when my diet gets temporarily richer.

My probiotic choice is FiveLac. It has also been a great support to my gut health and doesn't require refrigeration.


Finally, this DoTerra Breathe roll on was a last minute grab on my most recent trip. I haven't used chemical bug spray for years. I didn't have any natural, oils-based at home and was packing to leave the next morning. I had just gotten this freebie with my recent order, checked the ingredients and saw some scents that bugs don't like, so I took it. I'm so glad I did! A little dab at my neck, elbow crease, wrists, knees, and ankles each night and I had no bites. I plan to take it every time. It's simple to pack in a purse for any local night activity, too. You can also try Terra Shield which is made for keeping bugs away.

P.S. I use all these things at home, just less consistently.