Vegan & GF Protein Powder | Pre/Post-Workout Drink 

Packed with prebiotics, fiber, protein, greens, and a superfood blend of essential nutrients, this makes a good shake on workout days. I like to make a creamy, vegan hot chocolate (using Chocolate flavor) for a treat that includes heart healthy cashews for some added good fats. Get that recipe and an e-cookbook with more ways to use this body booster.

non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan

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Deep Blue ​Rub | Muscle Relief for Workouts & Recovery 

This is a great tool to put on before a mat-based Keola® workout or after a Keola® HIIT. This product is why I signed up to share doTerra after using some items for years. I love it that much!

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Keola® Position Flashcards | 68 Movements with Scripture & Video Links

Printable Resource


Soothing Instrumental for a Workout | Meditations on the Psalms of King David

Relaxing music without lyrics that is God honoring! This album was created by a brother in Christ who was pressing into God in a difficult time. Often it is in those hard moments that we really catch the heart and sound of Heaven.

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Fasting for the King ​| 10 Days With God. For God.

Video Course


Athlete's Rub for Pre and Post Exercise

​Keola® Christian Fitness, A Mind-Body+ and Christian Yoga Alternative

​​Official Clothing & Gear

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Downloadable Variety of YouTube Workouts

12 Videos


Meditations on Grace:

A Weekly Six Month Devotional
Kindle Book


God Breathes Journal | Soft Cover

Yep, He is the God of resurrection! Let this journal be filled with the treasures He is speaking to you, praises for what He's done for you, and things He is leading you to. He is a faithful God who deserves all of our affection and life.

Design also available in hard cover, smoothie cups, coffee mugs, and clothing.

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10 Day Restorative Keola® Detox ​Stretching ​| 15 Min Daily for Muscle Tension & Stress Relief

Downloadable Workouts


Guided Daily Programs ​| Movement & Bible Study

Variety of Fitness Styles and Studies

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Exercise Tools & Healthy Living

​These products are among our favorites for health and beauty. We get a commission on most, but we would (and, for many, have) shared them without it! 

Actively growing in the fruit of the Spirit


Lacrosse Balls | Excellent, Inexpensive Tool for Muscle & Fascial Tissue Release

This tool is used in some of the YouTube videos, as well as in the 10 Day Keola Detox Stretching Course. Really wonderful and simple tool!

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Strap | Assists with Stretches 

Straps help you with form while you are working on flexibility. A cloth belt with a ring found on children's pants is a great alternative.

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