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Your 45 Min Mat-based Restorative Core Strengthening class will begin on Saturday at 9am EST. Give yourself a little extra time for prayer and connection post-workout.

Note for potential students: These classes are held every week, unless there is a special event, holiday, or other unexpected cancellation. Any holiday or special event would reflect the change on the monthly calendar.


Sticky Mat (5-6mm recommended)

Two Throw Pillows

Clothing that is fitted, but allows for movement


I recommend bare feet or grippy socks

If you haven't signed up for Zoom or gotten the app, click here to take care of that. Get yourself an uncluttered space where your mat fits easily and you have room to move your limbs freely. Previous students recommend casting the class onto your television for larger viewing.

You will need to be ready to have your camera enabled!

I don't need to see your whole body clearly or even have your camera on during movement. I will not be directly adjusting or always able to check alignment (although it does help me to see you while you move, if you are willing), but I do want to connect with your beautiful face before and after the class. This is part of the community element and a requirement for the class.

I want this to be a safe, fun place to connect with real people for healthy movement, truth, encouragement, and time with the Lord. The chat will be enabled, so you can talk to each other. I look forward to taking time to answer some questions and chat with you all, too! You can jump into the class 10 minutes before it begins for this and please plan to stay after for a bit, if your schedule allows for that. This live virtual opportunity is designed to be different than just jumping in and doing a workout. You can do that with any of the pre-recorded stuff available to you and there are many excellent options for that!

This time is special. A time to see and be seen... to get to know each other.

I will be emailing the Zoom information to you before the class (make sure you are opted-in to emails to receive this), as well as adding it into this resource portal directly for easy reference and access in case you miss the email.

Thank you so much! I looking forward to seeing you soon!



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