Keola® Christian Fitness - A Mind-Body+ and Christian Yoga Alternative

​Keola® Christian Fitness is more than a mind-body exercise and Christian yoga alternative. We offer something (and Someone) extra, because YOU are more than just a mind and body. You are spirit and soul. We give you great movement and wellness resources that help you physically, but we also share the tools God gives to strengthen your soul, steady your faith in Jesus, and revive your spirit. We've been doing this for over 12 years.

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Peace and Purpose

This exercise, pronounced "Keh O la", is a gender-neutral Hawaiian name that means "the life, the health, the well-being". Jesus is the One who gives and is each of these, so Keola® boldly and shamelessly proclaims Him and the Gospel. May you meet Him here and be transformed inside and out.   

"I am the way, the truth, and the life."

~Jesus (John 14:6 KJV)


Receive God's Care

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Every resource is intentionally designed to promote holistic living in God's Spirit and Truth.​​​​


Marrying physical and spiritual training to get the Bride fit for a Wedding. (1 Timothy 4:8)

It's a choice you make that promotes your faith and supports your purity of purpose to ready yourself for a Wedding. Why? Because your purpose in Christ MATTERS. In the here and now. We want you to be bold, beautiful, and strong... a sparkling Bride that shines for her Husband, Jesus. That takes training, because life can be hard, full of disappointments, confusion, and distractions that come to steal your focus. Ultimately, they are after your faith. God wants to give you STEEL focus.

Keola® (the exercise) is intentionally designed to help you. There are many fitness options: Hard workouts, gentle recovery movement, and everything in between. Each workout creatively imparts identity in Christ and remembrance of Jesus' work and Words as you move. You'll hear both soft and sharp truth that is relevant to experiences we all face, then have time to process everything WITH GOD. We want you to know Him in all His ways and throw anything that doesn't align with Him out. He is GOOD through and through. Really, more than anything,this is about BUILDING TRUST in a God Who can be trusted. Are you ready for intentional choice and active relationship? Let's move!

"Just found you two weeks ago and I am so thankful! Always wrestled with Yoga and appreciate the alternative. You speak Life and you have helped out this weary soul-Thank you!"  ~Shelby

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"I turned to yoga for the first time when the COVID-19 quarantine interrupted my gym regimen, but felt very uncomfortable about it. After some research, I found your program and videos and they have been an incredible encouragement to start each day when I can't leave the house. I'm thinking I'll give up my gym membership after this and keep with Keola! Thanks for all your hard work around producing these videos both in the exercise aspect and biblical encouragement."  ~Abbey

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