Beautiful Athleisure, Keola® Branded Wear, & More

The Boutique offers clothing that continues to pour into your identity off the mat. You are clothed with dignity*, dear daughter of the King! Every time you put on one of these pieces, I want you to remember that. May you wear that beauty confidently.

*See Proverbs 31. Men's options available in branded wear and now here in athleisure!
Natasha Top. This is going on End of Season Sale (50% off!) at the end of March (27th-31st)!! There are matching shorts and pants that are on sale, too. See what I love about this and a buying tip for comfort and style in this video share.

I do bright colors, too. Firmly compressive Ashtanga Leggings in passion flower.

This is my video editing gear. I squealed when I got the overcoat in the mail. I like to be cozy and toasty on cold, winter days, so I picked the Camden Terry Coat. This is going on 50% off sale the last week of March, too!! It fits over something chic, like this Lara Tank or a sweater if it's really chilly. Love, love, love it and think every woman should have it for a travel companion. Geo leggings (27") in charcoal.

Beloved Britt Crop sweatershirt and Noor Jogger. There's a reason these are both so popular. Check out my video share with how this non-jogger girl fell in love and my style tip.

Geo leggings in peppercorn. Excellent style with some fun patterns, two lengths, and POCKETS!!

Y'all can see that blues and greens are my favorite, but we do have different colors. This soft, elegant Ella Duster just dropped in wine. Mine is on it's way! The Amstel Luxe Dress is also available in several colors... I am so glad I gave it a try! The shopping photos don't do it justice. I found it on real women in the social media community, searching for something lovely for a customer. My win!

Beautiful, Feminine Athleisure

Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good.

I am so excited to offer this new athleisure line as an Independent Brand Partner with this fresh, young brand. Above are just some of what I'm wearing right now. Click the "Shop Now" to view these (click under the photos for direct links) and all the beautiful options for your workouts, transitions from the mat to grocery runs, and even fancy date nights or holiday parties. The wholesale pricing is available to any customer. There are even better discounts and perks for those of you who give the Insider program a try (cancel anytime). Click the link below or learn more at checkout. Snag a first-time customer shopping spree for extra bonus dollars right away that can be saved and used immediately or in the future.

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New items drop every Friday. Have fun shopping!

Branded Clothing and Gear

Click on any image to see the design in different colors, sizes, and style options for men, women, children, and babies.

Wellness and Workouts

​These products are some of my favorites for Keola® workouts and time with God. As an Amazon Affiliate, I get a commission. Your purchase through those links is genuinely appreciated and doesn't cost you anything extra. It is a simple way to show your support and help keep Keola® growing and going!

Sticky Mat | A MUST Have

I do not sell these printed mats anymore, but you will need a mat for every Keola® workout. Here is one for you to consider with many beautiful colors to choose from. I recommend 6mm. It's not too thin or too thick. Both create challenges based on the variety of movement included in Keola®.

When looking, search for something that holds its shape well... meaning it doesn't thin easily when pinched or under the pressure of your weight. Though I don't use them anymore, this brand has been faithful for me with that in the past.

Lacrosse Balls | Excellent, Inexpensive Tool for Muscle & Fascial Tissue Release

This inexpensive tool is used in some of the YouTube videos, as well as in the 10 Day Keola Detox Stretching Course. Really wonderful and simple tool!

Click the photo for colors, pricing options, and to purchase. Click here for a FREE downloadable workout to use it now.

Strap & Blocks | Assists with Stretches 

Straps and blocks help you with form while you are working on flexibility. A cloth belt with a ring found on children's pants is a great alternative that I frequently use. You can also use a large book, like the Bible, in lieu of a single block. I model with blocks often. They are a great tool for your home gym to help you grow.

This one is longer and has loop holes for a greater range of use and includes a listing of stretches and how-to uses. Bonus!

Click for details & pricing.

Soothing Instrumental for a Workout | Meditations on the Psalms of King David

Yes, I'm old school and still have CDs. Ha! Don't worry, it's available in other formats.

I like to use relaxing music without lyrics for Keola®. It used to be really hard to find something so well done and specifically created as worship. These beautiful piano solos, created by a local brother in Christ who was pressing into God in a difficult season, really carry God's peace and Presence (see Psalm 22:3). Often it is in those hard moments of life that we catch the heart and sound of Heaven, if we hold onto the Lord with everything we have.

Click the photo to purchase from Amazon. Click here to hear it in a workout. Check Patrick out on your go to music app, too.

God Breathes Journal | Soft Cover

Yep, He is the God of resurrection! Let this journal be filled with the treasures He is speaking to you, praises for what He's done for you, and things He is leading you to. He is a faithful God who deserves all of our affection and life.

This journal (design also available in hard coversmoothie cups, coffee mugs, and clothing) has perforated lined pages that can easily be removed.

Click the photo to purchase the soft cover or any other product mentioned for details and purchase.

ESV Illuminated Scripture Journals | Individual Books of the Bible as Journals

I simply love these beautifully created, individual books of the Bible with built in journal pages.

You can purchase one at a time to build your collection or buy the full New Testament, Old Testament, or complete Bible. They make a wonderful, inexpensive, personal gift for a loved one: Ask a friend what their favorite book of the Bible is. They are also a great springboard for your personal Keola® movement. Start moving with a verse in mind and keep it near to write anything the Lord lays on your heart as you move. This is a great pair with the Keola® Position Flashcards.

NOTE: These are also available through Christian bookstores, so give them a search to support those faith businesses.