21 Days To Trim the Fat In Body & Soul


This is the premiere workout program with Bible study shared by Keola® creator Alli Becker and truly a favorite of hers and others. With a five star rating from all but one student rater (4.5 star), Alli is excited to shift this course to this Keola Fit Online Studio/School and begin to add more workout and Bible study programs like it. This course will guide you into making better choices daily for body and soul with God, sharing excellent workouts and a powerful look at the Word to build your hope, faith, and confidence in Christ.

This course if for you, if you are:

  • Wanting to lose weight
  • Wanting more peace with your body, mind, food, movement, and God
  • Wanting to grow in faith and understanding of God's heart, voice, and Word
  • Someone who loves Jesus and is looking to make better choices for your overall health
  • Following Jesus, but feeling stuck, discouraged, or condemned

  • This course is NOT for people who aren't willing to take action and steps toward better health.
  • This course is NOT for people who aren't ready to receive the love and forgiveness of God or wanting to walk in His good plans for them.
  • This course is NOT for people who aren't willing to commit to 30 minutes a day for 21 days with room for grace.

Just a Glimpse...

of some of the blessings available in this course. (See more about the Bible study in the course content preview below.)

30 Minutes Per Day. 21 Days to Make a Habit. | A POWER 1/2 HOUR

This course offers three fat-burning, metabolism boosting HIIT+ workouts and one restorative full body strengthening workout per week (10 unique workouts total). Each 30-minute workout benefits your body (including your lungs), maximizes your time with well researched movement choices, uniquely ministers the love of Jesus and truth of the Word as you move, as well as offers time with God.

You will also dive deep into the Word to catch a fresh perspective, seeing three main things that are common distractions, discouragements, and derailers to your walk with the Lord Jesus and commitment to Father God. You are not alone! These are common to every person walking this earth and Jesus has paid the price for you to be free!

You'll have time to meditate on these powerful weekly Word studies in both your personal time and your workouts.

By the end of the course, you will:

  • Feel lighter and stronger mentally, physically, and in your faith
  • Have more energy and focus
  • Have tools to grow with and knowledge on how to continue to make progress in your fitness and faith goals
  • Walk more freely in God's hope, love, Spirit, and truth
Course includes downloadable PDF video guides with follow up questions for each of the three study videos helping you digest God's Word with His Spirit and a new BONUS workout.

Are you ready to dive deeper into the love of God and shed some weight mentally, physically, and spiritually?


This course is closed for public enrollment. Get it now in the Keola® Fit & Fiery Club.